Employee information

Are you going to work at Maastricht University as a student or temporary employee? Chances are that InterUM will formally become your employer. We will arrange everything needed regarding your contract and payment, your supervisor at Maastricht University arranges all practical matters in respect to your position.


Registration & contract

As soon as we receive a notification form your superviosr about your job position, we will contact you about your contract. You will receive all the necessary relevant information from us about the contract and the procedure. The first step however, is always registering through our website.


Are you looking for a (student)job at Maastricht University? Apart from payroll administration, InterUM also regularly offers vacancies at different departments within the UM. For more information about the vacancies that are currently available, you can check our homepage.

Registering hours & payment

Payments are done every four weeks. If you have a flexible working contract, then you most likely will have to fill in your hours yourself through our online portal InterUM Konnekt. Here, you will also find and overview of your submitted and processed hours, your accumulated reservations, your salary slip(s) and annual statement(s). 

Employee information

As soon as we receive an application from the supervisor, InterUM will contact the (future) employe to register at our website, among other things. When filling in the registration form, make sure to do so carefully, as these details will be used to draw up your contract, contact you when needed etc. We also ask new employees to drop by our office with a valid ID, bank details and their BSN. 

BSN (Burgerservicenummer)
There are 2 options in case you need to request a BSN nummer: 

  • If you are registered at a Dutch municipality you can get the number by going to the Gemeenteloket with your passport. 
  • If you're not registered you will have to make a phonecall with the municipality of Heerlen (31-45-5605040). An appointment will be made.

InterUM cannot pay you without a BSN number, you will therefore only receive your contract to sign, when the BSN is communicated to us.

When working in the Netherlands, you need sufficient (Dutch) health insurance. As an employee, you have the responsibility to arrange proper insurance, InterUM will not check this with you. If you are not properly insured, you may risk a fine. More information about health insurance can be found in InterUM Konnekt.

For all our employees, InterUM's terms of employment are applicable, which can be found under "Downloads". Additionally, the Maastricht University terms of employment also apply. More information about these terms can be found in the collective labour agreement of Dutch universities, the cao-NU. 

InterUM employees build up a pension as of 01-01-2021, via pension insurer a.s.r. Doenpensioen. More information can be found in the documents in InterUM Konnekt. 

If your (personal) details change, InterUM would like to keep updated. Some details you can update yourself, for other changes, you need to contact us directly. 

Personal details, like your initials, name or date of birth, or your contact details, like your e-mail address, address or phone number, can be changed through InterUM Konnekt. Here, you can also change your InterUM Konnekt password.

To make changed in other details, like your bank details, wage tax deduction, contact contents or contract period, or other details, you need to contact InterUM directly, through e-mail or by phone.

Your worksheets should be submitted through InterUM Konnekt at latest on the Friday before our payment. In case you did not meet this deadline, the payment for the hours will get shifted to our next paydate. An overview of the deadlines and payment dates can be found in InterUM Konnekt.

After every 4-weekly payment, your salasry slip is available trhough InterUM Konnekt. More explanation regarding your salary slip is available in InterUM Konnekt. For other questions regarding your salary slip, please contact us directly.

When you are employed with a flexible contract, most likely, you will have to register your hours yourself through InterUM Konnekt. You submit your hours, per week, in a worksheet, which then gets checked by your supervisor. Then, InterUM makes sure these worksheets get processed with our 4-weekly payments.

If you have a contract with fixed hours, or if your supervisors submits your hours to InterUM, there is no need for you to submit your hours through InterUM Konnekt. 

A manual about how to register your hours and about the use of InterUM Konnekt in general, is available under "Downloads". 

Expenses made by employees for their employer, can be reimbursed through InterUM. Please use our reimbursement form (available in InterUM Konnekt) and include all proof (invoice, receipts etc.) and approval of the supervisor when sending in your form digitally (bureau@interum.umholding.nl). 

Fixed-hours employment contract:

Within a fixed-hours employment contract, a fixed amount of leave hours is determined. The leave hours have to be taken up before the end of the employmenyt and will not get paid out. The employee should discuss taking up the leave hours with his/her supervisor. InterUM does not need to be notified about this.

Under "Downloads" there is a calculation tool available to calculate the leave hours for a fixed-hours employment. Additionally, a leave card is available to download, to register the leave hours. 

Employment contract with deferred performance obligation (worksheets):

In case of an employment contract with deferred performance obligation, the leave entitlement adds up a precentage of the total amount of hours that have actually been worked. An overview of the accumulated entitlement in euro's can be found on the payslip. The rest of your leave days will be paid in the month December. Holiday bonus will be paid in the month May each year. Also, the rest of hours paid leave and the rest of your holiday bonus and annual bonus will be paid 6 weeks after your last timesheet is paid. 

If you’re sick and unable to work, it is important to inform both your supervisor as well as InterUM of this. You can do this by calling us on the first day of illness before 9.30h. You can call +31 (0) 43 388 2688 for this.

Please mind that InterUM is closed in evenings and weekends. You can then send us an email to notify us. For work shifts requiring immediate replacement (e.g. a shift at the reception desk starting at 8.00h in the morning) it is important to notify both your supervisor and InterUM at least an hour before the shift starts.

After the sick notice

During your absenteeism, it is important that InterUM stays updated. We would like to ask you to be reachable (by phone) for both us and the company doctor, but also, should this be deemed necessary, be able to receive a visit from the company doctor at home.

If you have recovered and are able to resume your work, it is necessary to also notify your supervisor and InterUM of this. It is important that you notify us, by phone, on the first day of recovery before 9.30h in the morning.

If you have any other questions about your contract, payments, your payslip or any other questions regarding your employment with InterUM, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (043-3882688), by e-mail (bureau@interum.umholding.nl) or by dropping by our office.

If you would like some more information about being a student in Maastricht in general, we would advise you to visit mymaastricht.nl. Here, you will, for instance, find a guide to the Dutch tax system, more information about compensation and financial support, and Dutch health care and health insurance.

Internal complaints procedure
It could be that you have a complaint about us or our services; that’s inconvenient. We will always try to solve the issue together with you. In our internal complaints procedure we inform you about the way we deal with complaints.
As of Juli first 2016 the House for Whistleblowers Act gives employee's the right and the responsibility to make a report of concerns about wrongdoing or irregularities within the organisation  where they work or have worked or in another organisation if they came into contact with that organisation through their work activities.
Whistle-blowing is about activities within the responsibility of the employer where social importance is effected, like criminal activities or threats to public health.
At first, a suspicion or concern about wrongdoing or irregularities needs to be reported internally. The House for Whistleblowers Act offers the employer/organisation the option to assess the suspicion about wrongdoing or irregularities for themselves and make things right within the organisation if necessary.
If you want to report a concern about wrongdoing or irregularities at InterUM B.V., you can use the policy InterUM B.V. has set. You can find the policy here.

It is important to know that if you have a 'regular' complaint about InterUM B.V., were no social importance is effected, you need to use our internal complaints procedure as mentioned above.

Employee downloads