Employer information

InterUM, the Maastricht University employment agency, offers UM-clients several services.

Services InterUM

  • Recruitment including secondment
    InterUM takes care of the recruitment process and introduces several candidates to our client. The client selects a candidate, and InterUM offers this candidate a contract. InterUM is the formal employer, arranges the transfer of the salary and is liable for all employer risks. Our recruitment rate is applicable during the first six months. After six months the (lower) payroll rate is applicable. To announce a vacancy with us, you can use the "Announce a vacancy" form on our website, or contact us through e-mail or by phone.
  • Recruitment exlcuding secondment
    InterUM merely arranges the recruitment of the candidate. The candidate will sign a contract with the client. In this case InterUM charges a fee of 15% of the annual gross salary (including 8% holiday bonus) on a fulltime basis. To announce a vacancy with us, you can use the "Announce a vacancy" form on our website, or contact us through e-mail or by phone.
  • Payroll
    The client introduces an already selected candidate, who the client found through its own recruitment strategies. This option is called payrolling, in which InterUM is the formal employer and transfers the candidate’s salary. Moreover, InterUM is liable for all employer risks. To announce a vacancy with us, you can use the "Announce an employee" form on our website.
  • Invigilators
    InterUM has a large number of invigilators who monitor during the exams of the students. InterUM also offers the scheduling of the invigilators.
  • Emergency Response Officers (BHV)
    InterUM has a large pool of emergency response officers, students with a valid certificate. These students can be scheduled and work independently or in collaboration with your current emergency response officers.

Need more information?

We would like to inform you a sufficiently as possible. We have therefore summerised a few important subjects below. Naturally, it is also possible to contact us if you have any additional questions. This can be done by phone our through e-mail, or we can schedule a meeting.

Employer information

Not everyone is allowed to work in the Netherlands. There are certain rules for people who are not from the EU/EER and Switzerland. Before they can get employed by InterUM, InterUM needs to apply for a working permit at the UWV.

InterUM only applies for working permits for students, because of the short procedure. For other employees there are more (devious) rules.
The procedure to apply for a working permit takes about 2 to 5 weeks. Please take this into account when you announce the new employee through our digital form. The student can start working when InterUM has received the working permit. We need the following document to apply for the working permit:
- Copy valid passport
- Copy valid residence card
- Certificate of enrolment of the current academic year

When InterUM receives the working permit, the student can start working. Please bear in mind the following conditions:
- Students are not allowed to work more than 16 hours per week or they can work full time only in the months June, July and August;
- The student can only work during the period for which the working permit is valid;
- Students are not allowed to work without a working permit, not even voluntarily!

Students from the following countries are allowed to work in the Netherlands without a working permit:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungry, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,  Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland.

Fixed-hours employment contract:

Within a fixed-hours employment contract, a fixed amount of leave hours is determined. The leave hours have to be taken up before the end of the employmenyt and will not get paid out. The employee should discuss taking up the leave hours with his/her supervisor. InterUM does not need to be notified about this.

Under "Downloads" there is a calculation tool available to calculate the leave hours for a fixed-hours employment. Additionally, a leave card is available to download, to register the leave hours. 

Employment contract with deferred performance obligation (worksheets):

In case of an employment contract with deferred performance obligation, the leave entitlement adds up a precentage of the total amount of hours that have actually been worked. An overview of the accumulated entitlement in euro's can be found on the payslip. The rest of your leave days will be paid in the month December. Holiday bonus will be paid in the month May each year. Also, the rest of hours paid leave and the rest of your holiday bonus and annual bonus will be paid 6 weeks after your last timesheet is paid. 

Internal complaints procedure
It could be that you have a complaint about us or our services; that’s inconvenient. We will always try to solve the issue together with you. In our internal complaints procedure we inform you about the way we deal with complaints.
As of Juli first 2016 the House for Whistleblowers Act gives employee's the right and the responsibility to make a report of concerns about wrongdoing or irregularities within the organisation  where they work or have worked or in another organisation if they came into contact with that organisation through their work activities.
Whistle-blowing is about activities within the responsibility of the employer where social importance is effected, like criminal activities or threats to public health.
At first, a suspicion or concern about wrongdoing or irregularities needs to be reported internally. The House for Whistleblowers Act offers the employer/organisation the option to assess the suspicion about wrongdoing or irregularities for themselves and make things right within the organisation if necessary.
If you want to report a concern about wrongdoing or irregularities at InterUM B.V., you can use the policy InterUM B.V. has set. You can find the policy here.

It is important to know that if you have a 'regular' complaint about InterUM B.V., were no social importance is effected, you need to use our internal complaints procedure as mentioned above.

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