Student pools information

Aside from our regular vacancies, we frequently offer short (one-time) jobs and shifts as an emergency response officer (ERO) to students who are available on an on demand basis. 

Short (one-time) jobs

InterUM regularly gets requests for short term, one-time jobs. These work activities include promotional activities at UM events, handing out flyers or (organisational) support at UM events, like host or tour guide, but also jobs as a medical model for demonstrations. These jobs are always offered first to our student pools. If we then need more students, the vacancy gets published on our website. If you get selected for one of the jobs through the vacancy and are interested in working similar jobs in the future, then we will add you to our student pool.

ERO shifts

Very frequently, we can offer shifts at multiple UM locations to our ERO pool. As an InterUM ERO, you provide us with your availability through our scheduling website, and we will schedule you for shifts. A student job with a lot of responsibilities, but also offers a lot of flexibility for you to work alongside your studies. When we are looking for new students for our ERO pool, the vacancy will be published, you can then apply directly through our website. If the vacancy currently is not published on our website, but you are interested and you already have a valid NiBHV certificate, then you can always contact us to inform about the possibilities. 

More information?

In case we are looking for new students for our student pools, then the vacancies will be posted on our website. Relevant information about the scheduling website, certificates, availability etc. is summarised below. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through e-mail, by phone, or by coming by our office.