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Privacy statement InterUM BV

InterUM BV (hereafter: InterUM) implements the posting of workers: payroll services and recruitment. To be able to fulfill her tasks as good as possible, InterUM processes personal information from clients, employees and (potential) candidates and job-seekers.

InterUM handles this information with care and discretion, in accordance with the conditions laid down by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Based on this law, InterUM is responsible for the processing of personal information. InterUM will handle the personal information purely confidential and in accordance with the applicable (legal) retention periods. In any case the personal information will not be saved longer than absolutely necessary to realize the goals for which the information will be kept.

In this privacy statement will be described in which way InterUM handles personal information. By using our website and services, and by registereing your personal information, you agree to the processing of your information, in agreement with this privacy statement.

Purpose data processing

Personal data are all data that can trace back to an individual. InterUM will only process the data that is necessary for the below mentioned purposes. InterUM registers and processes personal data from clients, employees, (potential) candidates and jobseekers for:

  • Quotation-requests in case of payroll services or recruitment & selection;
  • Payroll-requests;
  • Vacancy-requests;
  • Creating a file for the jobseeker;
  • Creating a file for a vacancy;
  • Record an assignment in a secondment agreement with the client and updating this agreement whenever necessary;
  • Mediating (potential) candidates to labour;
    • Offering potential candidates vacancies;
    • Judging their availability and potential;
    • Correct and obligatory administration to “uitvoering” labor agreements;
  • Personnel administration:
    • The composition of salary overviews for employees;
    • Taking care of personnel business;
    • Granting discharge;
    • Collecting claims, including giving out those claims to third party for collecting;
  • Salary administration:
    • Calculating, recording and paying out salary and compensations to or for the purpose of employees;
    • Calculating, recording and paying taxes and premiums for the purpose of employees;
    • The applicable terms of employment for the employees
  • The implementation of employer’s obligations in the area of absence and re-integration;
  • Offering news letters to clients and employees;
  • Managementpurposes e.g. management information;
  • Taking care of internal checks, company safety and accountancy checks;
  • Dealing with complaints, issues and other legal affairs;
  • Implementing other laws and regulations.

Special categories of personal data

Special categories of personal data are information regarding race, religion, political color, sexual orientation, membership of a union. InterUM will only store special categories of personal data, like information about health, or sensitive information, like criminal record and/or information about unlawful or troublesome behavior if this is necessary to fulfil legal obligations or if this is allowed by law.

InterUM can pass on your personal data to clients (the resumes we offer are as anonymous as possible). Other than that parties that make it possible for InterUM to perform its work have access to the personal data. We will not share your personal data with third-parties, unless there is a legal obligation (e.g. the health and safety service provider), a court order that demands this or if InterUM has written agreements (a so called processor agreement) with this third-party. This agreement states that the third-parties can only process personal data based on our instructions and can not use the personal data for their own means.

Collected personal data

Information that InterUM collects from (potential) candidates, jobseekers, employees and clients:

(Potential) candidates:

  • NAW-information (name and address), email address, phone number, birth date, gender, nationality, resume, references, certificates;
  • Information about availability and interests.


  • NAW-information, email address, phone number, birth date, gender, nationality, resume, references, certificates;
  • Citizen Services Number, ID/Passport, work permit, residence permit, bank information, wage tax statement;
  • Information about availability and interests;
  • SAP-number;
  • In case of calling in sick: whether there is a safety net provision, the duration of the absence;
  • Information regarding the garnish of wages;
  • Certificate of good behavior.


  • Name, address, email address and phone number of the department of Maastricht University or (external) company;
  • Name, function, email address and phone number of the contact person.

Retention periods

InterUM will not store your personal data longer than absolutely necessary to establish the purpose of the processing. In some cases there will be a legal obligation for InterUM to store personal data. The retention period in those cases will be, for instance, 7 years after the end of the employment for tax information and salary administration, 5 years after the end of employment for employee information like NAW, birth date and Citizen Service Number, 2 years after the end of employment for absence data and other personal data and 4 weeks after finishing the application procedure for interview information (unless the person involved requests otherwise).


A cookie is a small file that is sent with the web page and is saved by the browser on the hard drive of the computer of the user.


The invigilator part of our website uses functional cookies. Through these cookies the user will remain logged on during the session and will be tracked which parts of the invigilator part of the website the used viewed during his/her visit. There will be no storing of personal data from the user. The cookies will automatically be removed as soon as the user closes his/her browser.


The program connected to our website, Konnekt, will track through a cookie which menu choice the user last chose. In case the user leaves Konnekt and then logs in again, the screen on which the user was last will be shown again. This is the only information that is saved in the cookie.

In addition, the IP-numbers will be tracked for means of auditing. This can for example be necessary in acknowledging attacks or attempted breaches. Other than that nothing will be done with these IP-numbers and they will not be visible to others.

Google Analytics

The InterUM website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service offered by Google Inc.. Google Analytics uses cookies. InterUM has an processor agreement with Google, which prohibits Google from using the data for anything other that our analyses. Google Analytics collects data like, IP-addresses, location, web-origin, device used (mobile, computer etc.), website activity. Google is only allowed to share data with third-parties if Google has a legal obligation to do so, or if the third-parties have a processor agreement with Google. By using the InterUM website, you agree to the processing of information by Google in the way and for the purposes described above.

Third-party websites: AddThis, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

On our website there are buttons to promote or share webpages via AddThis and social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These buttons work through the pieces of code from AddThis or the social media channel itself. By means of this code, cookies will be placed. InterUM cannot influence this. You can read in the privacy statement of AddThis and the privacy statement of the specific social media channel (please note that these can regularly change) what happens to the personal data they process through those cookies.

The information that AddThis and the social media channels collect will be transferred and saved to servers in the United States of America. AddThis and the social media channels have to follow the EU-US Privacy Shield and they are a part of the Safe Harbor-Programm from the American ministery of trade. This means that there is a certain security level for the possible processing of personal data.

Security and the obligation to report data breaches

InterUM has taken suitable physical, administrative and technical measures against the loss of data and unlawful processing. InterUM follows a procedure against the loss of, or unlawful processing of personal data to investigate and if needed take the appropriate measures to minimize the consequences. Where needed InterUM will inform the Dutch Data Protection Authority and those involved.

Do you have a (suspected) data leak, we ask you to report this to us via email or in writing as soon as possible.

Right to access, correction and protest/removal

You have the right to e.g. access, correction and removal of your personal data as processed by InterUM at all times. You can request this by sending an email to

Questions, remarks or complaints

Questions, remarks or complaints regarding the protection of personal data by InterUM can be send via email to or via mail to InterUM attn. Legal Affairs, p.o. box 600, 6200 MD / Tongersestraat 22A, 6211 LN Maastricht.
Our internal complaints procedure can be found on our website under “other information” on the specific page.

Version October 2023