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Student Assistant Professional Development
We are looking for
a motivated student to support the "Professional Development" domain of EDLAB.

EDLAB (Maastricht University Centre for Teaching & Learning) unites the Maastricht University Teaching & Learning community, aiming to enhance education practices and enrich the student learning experience. Their mission revolves around three pillars: expertise, support, and community.

As a student assistant within PD you will collect and deliver examples of good teaching and learning practice within Maastricht University in an online environment. You will also support the creation and spreading of trainings, where you will present the students' viewpoint.

This position will initially be for a year, for around 8 hours per week. Your salary will be based on scale 6 of the labour agreement of Dutch Universities, and will be determined by your year of study.

Would you love to contribute to the improvement of the educational quality of Maastricht University and do you recognize yourself in the profile and requirements? Apply via the button below!

For questions about the vacancy, you can contact Leroy Koch via bureau@interum.umholding.nl or 043 388 2688.

Update 4-6-2024: interviews have been scheduled, I cannot guarantee that your application will be processed after today.
Start date
Amount of hours
- Collecting and spreading examples of good teaching and learning practice;
- Processing these examples in an online environment;
- Supporting the creation and spreading of training, including instruction materials, and presenting the students' perspective during the sessions;
- Making short video interviews with trainers, participants, or students about the events and/or their experiences;
- Making marketing materials (both digital and physical); and
- Collecting data about attendance en participation in Excel and making corresponding overviews.
- You have good presentation skills and are capable of presenting to UM staff;
- You have experience with the creation of digital content in Canva, MS Office, Adobe Illustrator, and the use of video editing software;
- You have the ability to rapport to possible stakeholders, such as UM staff and students;
- You are curious;
- You have excellent communication skills;
- You are enthusiastic about educational development;
- You are responsible and pro-active;
- You are capable of working in a dynamic environment;
- You work well in a team, but also independently;
- You do not shy away from voicing your perspective on topics related to education and advising; and
- You are enrolled as a student at Maastricht University.
Logistics Employee
We are looking for
an employee who wants to provide logistical support at one of the locations of Maastricht University. This logistics team is responsible for the internal parcel service.

You will be trained for a number of days before the work takes place. This involves a total of 20 hours per week, every morning between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM. The position will be up until October 11, 2024.

The position is classified in scale 4.0 of the collective labor agreement of Dutch Universities.

Are you independent and do you wish to being part of a logistics team? Then read on!

For questions about the vacancy, please contact us at bureau@interum.umholding.nl or 043 -
3882688 and ask for Koen Smit.
Start date
Amount of hours
- Delivering packages.
- You are available in the morning hours;
- You have a good command of the Dutch language;
- You are independent; and
- You are preferably familiar with the Randwyck locations of Maastricht University.
Student Employee UM-card
We are looking for
multiple enthusiastic students to hand out UM-cards to new students in August and September.

During each shift, you'll be responsible for handing out the cards with 2 other students in either the inner city or Randwyck.

This position is temporary until the 13th of September 2024. Preferably, you are available for 32-40 hours per week, but at least for 12 hours per week. The salary will be based on scale 4.0 of the collective labour agreement of Dutch Universities.

If you have questions about the vacancy, please contact Leroy Koch via bureau@interum.umholding.nl of 043 388 2688.
Start date
Amount of hours
- Verifying the student number and identity of the new students; and
- Handing out their UM-card.
- You are available during the entire period, for at least 12 hours per week. The preference is fulltime availabilty;
- You have excellent control of the English language;
- You have a customer-friendly attitude; and
- You are aware of the importance of processing confidential data.
We are looking for
call workers to act as Emergency Response Officers for evening lectures and events during the academic year 2023-2024. You are visible at the location and able to respond in case of an emergency. You are available for several shifts per week.

You can only respond to this vacancy if you have a valid NiBHV certificate. Responses from people without a valid certificate will not be followed up!

For questions regarding this vacancy you can contact Koen Smit via bureau@interum.umholding.nl or 043-3882688 and ask for Koen.
Start date
Amount of hours
Act as an Emergency Response Officer during the day and/or evenings for the academic year 2023-2024.
- Having a valid ERO-certificate (provided by NIBHV) is obliged
- You have a flexible availability for several shifts per week.